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PHONEDRS (pronounced Phone Doctors) is an American company that was founded by a doctor with over 200 patents and 30 years of experience creating drying products that use UV-C light. Those products are designed to help people remove moisture and bacteria from their high-touch items. PHONEDRS is great for mobile phones, earphones, gaming controllers, remote controls, baby toys / items, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, pens…basically for anything that will fit into the sanitizing product.

About Dr. Schumaier

The founder of the company is Dr. Daniel Schumaier, a veteran who is also an entrepreneur and inventor, with more than 200 patents. He started Ear Technology Corporation (ETC) in 1992 to make drying and sanitizing solutions for hearing-related products. Long recognized as an innovator in the category, customers have benefited from our knowledge in this area since that time. The use of UV-C light as a sanitizing function has been a part of our products since the beginning, and for years we were the largest distributor of UV-C related products in the U.S. We are now extending that understanding and capability to the mobile phone market.

There are many companies that have recently decided to use UV-C light to reduce bacteria.  ETC has been in this area for more than 30 years and has the know-how and experience to accompany that history. ETC has sold millions of units, and along with our design elements, is the only company to offer patented drying technology.  Our brand provides drying, recharging, and sanitizing for consumer electronics.

Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier
Entrepreneur and Inventor

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