About Us

Ear Technology Corporation (ETC) is based in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Products currently manufactured and distributed by ETC include the PhoneDRS conditioning system for mobile phones and TransEar, a bone conduction hearing instrument for individuals with single-sided deafness, and Clik, a digital open-fit BTE hearing aid with a revolutionary programming interface.

These products are the direct result of company president Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier’s experience as a dispensing audiologist. PhoneDRS was developed from the Dry & Store, which came about as a remedy for hearing aid performance problems caused by moisture as well as the common complaint of itchy ears. TransEar was invented as a remedy for single-sided deafness. Clik was made possible due to advances in micro-electronic circuitry, enabling the fitting of advanced digital hearing aids without relying on cumbersome cables, computers, and proprietary software.

History of PhoneDRS

In his dispensing practice, Dr. Schumaier saw first-hand how moisture was wreaking havoc with his patients’ hearing aids, in some cases even causing them to fail altogether. His patients were frustrated by poor hearing aid performance, and Dr. Schumaier was just as frustrated by the lack of an effective remedy. So he took it upon himself to “do something about it.”

Over a period of several years he developed the technology, was awarded several patents, built and tested several prototypes, and finally, in 1997, began manufacturing and distributing the Dry & Store hearing aid conditioning system. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of hearing aid users have benefited from Dry & Store’s unique process, including fewer repairs, better sound quality, and relief from itchy, irritated ears.

Product improvements over the years have included digital circuitry for very precise cycle timing, more robust ignition of the germicidal lamp, and a more powerful Dry-Brik desiccant. In 2002 a portable version of Dry & Store, called “Dry & Store Global”, was introduced, and the original model of Dry & Store was renamed “Dry & Store Professional”. The Global accommodates body-worn processors; it’s ideal for travel and second homes, and it also serves international markets.

In 2007, the Dry-Brik II was introduced. In development for over two years, the new desiccant product contains a more aggressive sorbent with much greater moisture-adsorbing capacity, packaged in an attractive, molded, disposable container. Dry-Brik II works with all Dry & Store models.

In 2008 a new member of the Dry & Store family was introduced, called “Zephyr by Dry & Store”. While the Zephyr has the same renowned drying and deodorizing benefit, it does not include the germicidal cycle that its larger siblings share. So even though it’s a smaller package, it still packs a punch – clearly not just another box of hot air.

In 2020 the PhoneDRS system was developed using technology used in the Dry & Store to bring our advanced drying and sanitizing tools to mobile phones.