place phone on PHONEDRS tray, closeup of power button


Your phone works almost as hard as you do, and just like you, it needs some down time to recharge. How else is it going to be ready for all that you ask it to do?

Email, Listen to music, Shopping, Ordering food, Texting your loved ones, Finding your lost items, Checking your 401k, Navigating your drive, Finding that restaurant you should try, Playing games, Researching, Watching sports, Reading a book, Video calls, Keeping important notes, Control your smart home devices, Navigate the golf course and your score, Track your Workouts and Runs, Listen to podcasts, Watching Hulu and Netflix, Use Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsAPP, Watch fantasy sport scores, Book a hotel, Call Uber and Lyft, Hold your Insurance information, Find your parking spot, Pay for the train, Use Line, Slack, Teams, Pay your bills, Perform as your calculator, Count calories, Check the weather, Do your banking, Boarding a plane, Paying at the register, Watching TV, Watching Movies, YouTube, Wake you up as your alarm clock, Messaging, Talking to your friends and family, Taking conference calls, Browsing the web, Taking pictures, Calling for help…


Like you, PhoneDRS is a master multi-tasker. Want to charge wirelessly via Qi charging? No problem. In fact, PhoneDRS Q10 uses an intelligent tray design; the raised circle makes it easy to get your phone placement just right for charging. Want to charge the old-fashioned way with a cable? Easily accommodated. Already have your own wireless charging mat? Just drop it into the tray and you’re ready to go. And to top it all off, PhoneDRS offers two USB-A outputs on the back so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. No one else comes close.


No matter what type of phone or charging needs you have, PhoneDRS can take care of it for you. Wired, wireless mat, Qi wireless, PhoneDRS can do it all. Because your phone needs to be ready for anything.