See the difference more than 30 years of experience in sanitizing and drying can provide.

PHONEDRS is brought to you by a company that has been an innovator in this category of product care since 1992, and many customers have benefited from our knowledge. The man that founded the company, Daniel R. Schumaier Ph.D., is an entrepreneur and inventor, with more than 200 patents held worldwide.

“Amazing Gadget!

The PHONEDRS Q10 is like a spa for your phone! The piece of mind I get from knowing my phone is properly sanitized using UV-C light is one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. Running the sanitizing process is simple to start via the responsive button on the the charger and only takes about five minutes to complete. I also find myself sanitizing my watch, AirPods, and other small electronics which fit quite easily in the charger. Wireless charging is a breeze, with the large tray area providing enough coverage that you are always guaranteed to start charging right away. For those devices without wireless charging there is generous access to run a cable into the charging bay so you can charge and sanitize at the same time. If you are like me and use your phone for an alarm clock, when enclosed in the charger, the alarm seems little louder than normal so no worries about missing that alarm.”         –John S.

UV-C Sanitization

Utilizing UV-C light honed by our decades of experience in sanitizing technology, one quick 5-minute cycle reduces 99.9% of bacteria*.


*Reduces 99.9% of bacteria, specifically Staphylococcus Aureus.

closeup UV-C

Throw Away That Old Bag of Rice!

Sanitizing and preventing moisture buildup can help to improve the performance of the microphones and speakers, as well as help to prolong the life of the phone. PHONEDRS units utilize warm forced air that will dry your phone in a 6-hour cycle while also recharging and sanitizing.

Wireless Charging

Powerful 10-watt Qi wireless charging technology for rapid charging your phone’s battery. PHONEDRS uses a custom tray design; the raised circle makes it easy to place your phone for charging (available in Q10 model).

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